09 June 2020

Office Re-Opening Update

I put out an email and video stating the offices would slowly begin to resume opening on Friday. On Saturday, we got an email from the County Executive that the Stay-at-Home order was still in place for Montgomery County. A few people have asked if that will change our plans.
This week, our accounting staff will be in the office four days a week to process checks. Please continue to communicate with them primarily through phone and email, as we are still maintaining social distancing in the office.
I had set our tentative opening date as June 22 as our target date for being pretty much open as usual. We'll still be aiming for that, but will continue to follow the guidance from the County Executive.
Please keep in mind that Public Open Houses are still discouraged under the stay-at-home order. And please, folks, still stay on your toes. MoCo had a 13% increase in COVID cases last week. We're not out of the woods yet.


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